Sunday, December 15, 2013

Me and Our Dogs

Pets are a great stress reliever. Whether it may be a dog, a cat, or a parrot, it's undeniable that your mood lightens up even by just looking at them.

In my case, dogs are my 'pick-me-ups'. Even when I was younger, I have always had a soft spot for these furry creatures. Massaging their bodies, stroking them, or just simply patting them in the head immediately lifts my mood up (especially when I feel tired or sick).

We currently have 3 dogs at home. At a maximum, we used to have 5 dogs. However, Wookie (a Japanese spitz mixed breed) got bitten by something (her wound on the nose would not stop bleeding) and died. She was the first dog that i got attached to that died.  Before she died though, she left behind 3 healthy offsprings and their names are Chaotung, Chinchuan and Yishin. Their father, Lamont, died 6 years after Wookie's death. Lamont, at the age of about 15 years, died of old age. Sad as it may be, when you see your old dog already very weak and totally deaf, you would prefer for him to just rest and not suffer anymore.

Lamont on the sofa and Minho playing on the floor

Last year we got a new addition to the canine family and his name is Minho. This little puppy is a chihuahua-shihtzu mix and had the strangest gray eyes i have ever seen. As a pup, he was already the cutest thing! Even when Minho was still weeks old, i could already tell that he'd grow up to be a loud and energetic dog.

Minho on the first night that he came to us

As minho the puppy grew, he became bestfriends with one of our old dog Chaotung. They would always play together and i have never seen them fight over any food or toy. They were best buddies, I would say. 
However, one night Chaotung suddenly got paralyzed (i don't know if something bit him or whatever happened that made him like that) and 2 days later he eventually followed his mom and dad to doggy heaven. Chaotung's death was really heart-breaking because i didn't expect it, it was so sudden. On the morning he was still his usual good-natured self and then that night, he couldn't move at all. And I felt like I could see the pain in his eyes while I was comforting him.

Minho and his best bud Chaotung

As a dog owner you become attached, as you take care of them and they relieve you of your emotional burdens. And so, it becomes really painful when you see them get seriously sick and die. Even so, I think I will never get tired of having a dog, because the happiness they bring is greater than the pain they cause when they eventually leave you, at the end of their lives.

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