Sunday, December 15, 2013

Me and Our Dogs

Pets are a great stress reliever. Whether it may be a dog, a cat, or a parrot, it's undeniable that your mood lightens up even by just looking at them.

In my case, dogs are my 'pick-me-ups'. Even when I was younger, I have always had a soft spot for these furry creatures. Massaging their bodies, stroking them, or just simply patting them in the head immediately lifts my mood up (especially when I feel tired or sick).

We currently have 3 dogs at home. At a maximum, we used to have 5 dogs. However, Wookie (a Japanese spitz mixed breed) got bitten by something (her wound on the nose would not stop bleeding) and died. She was the first dog that i got attached to that died.  Before she died though, she left behind 3 healthy offsprings and their names are Chaotung, Chinchuan and Yishin. Their father, Lamont, died 6 years after Wookie's death. Lamont, at the age of about 15 years, died of old age. Sad as it may be, when you see your old dog already very weak and totally deaf, you would prefer for him to just rest and not suffer anymore.

Lamont on the sofa and Minho playing on the floor

Last year we got a new addition to the canine family and his name is Minho. This little puppy is a chihuahua-shihtzu mix and had the strangest gray eyes i have ever seen. As a pup, he was already the cutest thing! Even when Minho was still weeks old, i could already tell that he'd grow up to be a loud and energetic dog.

Minho on the first night that he came to us

As minho the puppy grew, he became bestfriends with one of our old dog Chaotung. They would always play together and i have never seen them fight over any food or toy. They were best buddies, I would say. 
However, one night Chaotung suddenly got paralyzed (i don't know if something bit him or whatever happened that made him like that) and 2 days later he eventually followed his mom and dad to doggy heaven. Chaotung's death was really heart-breaking because i didn't expect it, it was so sudden. On the morning he was still his usual good-natured self and then that night, he couldn't move at all. And I felt like I could see the pain in his eyes while I was comforting him.

Minho and his best bud Chaotung

As a dog owner you become attached, as you take care of them and they relieve you of your emotional burdens. And so, it becomes really painful when you see them get seriously sick and die. Even so, I think I will never get tired of having a dog, because the happiness they bring is greater than the pain they cause when they eventually leave you, at the end of their lives.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Couch Potato no more?

I'm a self-confessed couch potato. I will honestly say that I like to procrastinate instead of deal with everything all at once and become very productive. For the longest time, my idea of  "R & R" is to laze around on the sofa and watch television programs THE WHOLE DAY.

However, recently, i have experienced what some may call a 'change of heart'. I thought to myself, it would be nice to see other parts of the country, visit places outside of Iligan City and maybe experience a little adventure. At first it was just wishful thinking but there came a point when I became sure that I really wanted to do it. I was asking myself, when will I ever have the chance to do that if not now..while i'm still young and with not much responsibilities holding me down...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mobile Blogging

Okay, i'm currently doing this post on my phone, trying out mobile blogging for the first time. I find it kinda cool because i can just immediately write random thoughts and not have to power on my laptop. This kind of blogging would be perfect for me, 'lazy bones' that I am. Plus, i can snap a picture and post it on the blog...just like that! Pretty cool huh ^_^

note: I do not own the above pictures, credit goes to the rightful owner,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Curious

How do you deal with a person who is overly sensitive, has too much pride and takes offense at the slightest correction?

Added to that are the frequent mood swings, a deep inferiority complex and a sense of superiority towards others?

Not to forget a slightly pessimistic attitude, an impatient nature, an aversion to nagging and finally a streak of stubborness...

Does having a good and grateful heart redeem all that? Or is it too contradictory to be possible?

I wonder...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Then and Now

It has been a long while since I wrote my last post. Goodness, I was so into PBB love teams back then...that was the height of my fangirling.

From that time 'til now:

-I've grown tired of supporting JamLi;
-Found a new favorite music group in 2ne1, and renewed my interest and appreciation for KPop;
-Finished a 9-month online contract for content writing;
-Started on a new online assignment, this time a data entry one;
-And, our first attempt at running our own food franchise business had long failed (it had a really short life :D ).

Perhaps the only thing that hasn't changed in my life is the fact that i'm still single..and have been so for 29 years :D

Do you think that THAT will ever change for me? :D

Monday, June 21, 2010


I’m having what you call a sort of addiction these past few days. It’s like I can’t stay away from watching them. It is kind of amazing really because I have not had this kind of attachment for so long and you would not think that at my age I would still be hooked to watching two teenagers and what will happen to their love story, or if there ever will be a love story between the two of them.

I am talking about James Reid and Ann Li (Li YiShuan) of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010. At first It was not even Ann that I wanted to pair with James, it was Tricia. After the episode of Tricia’s birthday on Primetime, I felt pity for her because of what was done to her, especially that it was her birthday. It was kind of romantic how James decided to attend her party (without his best bud Bret who decided to join Devon’s party) and accompany her on what was turning out to be one of the worst Birthdays of her life.

The next day, with nothing on my hands, I decided to browse youtube for more videos of James and Tricia (I did that before but it was for Melai and Jason because I found them cute as well but not as addictive as these two teensters). I found a few but none of those really made me think that there was something going on between them. What surprised me though is the number of videos that came up when I searched for James only. Most of those videos were with Ann Li and so it got me curious. It only took one video and I was hooked. At first I thought maybe it was because of the video editing and the music (Statue by ‘lil Eddie was really a great choice) that was why the video was really cute and heart warming. But then, as I watched all of their videos, I could feel that there is something between the two of them, I don’t know if they realize it as well or not. They were really warming up to me. And so having said that, I started to watch PBB Livestream almost the whole day, everyday, turning my laptop off only when I go to sleep.

To be honest, at first I didn’t really find Ann that pretty and interesting (as I said, Tricia was more interesting to me before). When she was first nominated, I even kind of hoped that she would be evicted instead of April (I found April really hot). Nothing interesting was shown of Ann in every PBB episode that I watched so far before Tricia’s birthday. But then, as I got to know her personality through Live stream, I started to genuinely like her. I also started to become annoyed with Tricia by the way, what with her somewhat malicious remarks spoken in Visayan (I could understand her since I speak Visayan myself) directed I believe to Ann (because of Jealousy probably). Of course, most of the people who get to watch Tricia in Live Stream will probably be able to understand my fading interest and growing dislike in her and so I will not expound more.

Going back to Jamli, the more I watched Live stream, the more I was convinced that they look good together, and they look happy together. It’s like one seeks the other out, unknowingly. There was never a day that these two did not spend time with each other, even if it was only for a few minutes. It’s like they have created a special bond between the two of them. They’re not flirting with each other, but when you focus on their actions (especially with the way James looks at Ann), you feel like giggling on the inside because of these two. It’s like they’re two people who have been with each other’s company for so long that how they act around each other is so natural. Ann’s unconscious sweetness to James and the look of Tenderness on James’ eyes when he looks at Ann is so epic, haha! Well, at least for me, it is. What is frustrating though, is that despite how these two act around each other, no genuine confession has been made by either of them. And so without a confession about how one feel’s about the other person, the only label you can put on the kind of relationship that they have is friendship. An extra close friendship maybe and that is how far I can go (even if I want it to be more). Maybe that is what makes it so exciting to watch, the mystery of what they have.

The incident closest to a real confession was the conversation Jenny had with Bret, Ryan and James. Sadly, the topic was changed and we were left hanging. Despite the hugs and kisses between them, we don’t have solid proof that they are romantically inclined with each other (especially nowadays that James is being unnaturally ‘touchy’ with Devon). We can only hope. And hoping is a good thing. As what Ann always tells Jenny, positive thinking will give you good results.

It’s early morning and I need to sleep so until next time. For sure I’ll still blog about them because I’m still not over being hooked.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can’t connect wirelessly on your wireless computer?

Are you having problems connecting to your wireless network at home? Do you sometimes get frustrated when your previously working wireless pc is suddenly not online wirelessly? Here are some basic troubleshooting steps which might help you solve the problem:

‘Windows cannot configure this wireless network…’
 If you are getting this message on the Wireless Network Connection window of your XP pc, most probably the Wireless Zero Configuration utility of your pc has been stopped.
 Start the utility by clicking on the ‘start’ button on your Desktop, click on the ‘Run’ option and type in services.msc on the ‘Run’ box. Click ‘Ok’ and you will be directed to the Services Local window. Look for the utility ‘Wireless Zero Configuration’ (on the list of W services) and start it by right-clicking on the name of the utility and choosing the ‘start’ or ‘restart’ option.
 Then go to your Control Panel, double-click on Network and Internet Options or more specifically Network Connections. Look for an icon that says ‘Wireless Network Connection’ and right-click it, then choose ‘Properties’. Click on the ‘Wireless Networks’ tab and check the box that says ‘Use Windows to configure my Wireless Networks’. Click on ok and close all windows on your desktop.
 Look for the single computer icon with waves on your system tray (most commonly found on the bottom right corner of your screen). Double-click the icon and check if you see a list of available wireless networks. Click on the name of the network that you want to connect to and hit the connect button. Type in the security key of the network (if it is a secured network) and you should be good to go with that!

If you found this article helpful, leave a comment and I’ll try to post additional troubleshooting tips for your wireless connection concerns. =)